Notes and Tips

Colors for your website

The 60 – 30 – 10 Rule, which has been used by designers for  years.

Pick three colors and use them in ratios of 60%, 30% and 10% respectively.

  • The 60% will be the primary color of your site and set the overall tone of your design.
  • The 30% should contrast with the 60% to create a visually striking effect.
  • The 10% is an ‘accent color’, which should complement either your primary or secondary color.

Here are the typical impressions commonly associated with some basic colors to help you start.

Red is the color of heat, passion and excitement. It easily grabs attention and evokes speed and energy. Feeling tired? Coca Cola might help you get that boost.


Orange is the color of warmth and vitality. It’s also associated with reliability and playfulness. As Enervon would say: More energy, mas happy  .


Yellow is the color of optimism and creativity. Bright yellows represent sunshine, cheer and happiness. Now you know why kids love McDonald’s.


Green is the color of serenity and health. It connotes growth, nature and freshness. This is why you feel calm inside The Body Shop.


Blue is the color of security, truth and stability. It implies loyalty, reliability and an open communication. Maybe this is the reason why I’ve been a Globe subscriber for eight years now.


Purple is the color of spirituality, intelligence and wealth. It can also mean royal, sentimental, creative and sophisticated. So every time you grab a Cadbury chocolate, you tend to get that luxurious feeling.


Pink is the color of youthful intensity. It conveys energy, fun and excitement. Sanrio exemplifies this expression in their products. (Image credit: Alvarez Julie)


Brown is the color of durability and class. It could represent age, stability and relaxation. UPS used this as their primary color to convey individuality, reliability and security.


Black is the color of power and drama. It’s serious, bold and strong. Jaguar’s target market are high-income people with sophisticated and prestigious lifestyles.


White is the color of simplicity and cleanliness. It’s message is youthful, mild and pure. Maybe this is the reason why most people prefer buying the classic white iPod because it complements the uncluttered and minimalist interface of the gadget very well.