Make Your Own Website

Create Your Own  Website without knowing any of the technical stuff!

Your costs will be for your hosting and domain name around $55 give or take.

*purchasing your web hosting by the year saves you money

No hidden fees! No Monthly fees! No Pop-up or banner Ads! It’s your website.

How to install WordPress with Bluehost

Getting started with WordPress

Building Your Home Page

Customizing Your Web Site

Mock 2 column layout using widgets

Multi Column Layout Using a Plugin

How to create a slideshow

How create a contact page


These layouts are all using the twenty thirteen theme.

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Without a website, a business is virtually invisible, bummer, but true. When I was looking to hire a web designer, I found the whole experience so frustrating, and in some cases, their condescending tone was downright insulting. I used those negative experiences as motivation to learn how to do it myself, so I did, and now I’m sharing. (for a small fee)
These tutorials are for the Do It Yourselfer that needs a custom website that you can build. I won’t get into a lot of technical details, but I will show you how to build your custom website without any coding knowledge.
You will need to purchase  hosting  for your site, about $50 per year. I recommend Bluehost (USA Based in Utah no outsourcing) and when you purchase your hosting from them they give you a free  domain. (www. Also Bluehost offers a one click WordPress installation.  Easy Breezy.
I will show you how to customize a responsive WordPress site without any coding or technical jargon. Even better, you know how things work because you built it, and you can customized it. ¡Yay for you! New skill!