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Helpful Tips

Helpful Tips

Most Effective Marketing: A Veteran’s View

Repeat business is the key to success.

The following is an excerpt from an article written by Fred Weiss.

  1. The greater the amount of salesmanship used to acquire the client, the less likely they were to continue being a client. The accounts with the highest attrition were those we got from telephone solicitation and door to door selling. Not only were they the highest in sales cost to acquire before the downturn (about $50 each), but they were an unacceptable cost after applying those costs to just the survivors (more than $300 each). Think of it this way. These clients were not seeking our services. We simply convinced them it was a good thing for them to buy. When business turned bad, we were out the door.success
  2. Our highest retention was with Yellow Pages, direct mail and referrals where our initial sales costs per client were also the lowest. These clients responded to our advertising because they recognized that they had a need for our services. They then chose to buy them often picking us from among our competitors.
  3. The highest percentage of retained clients were also the higher spending ones demonstrating that they had an ongoing need for our services.
In Summary:
  • Market solutions to needs, quality, service and convenience. Never market low prices.
  • Spend your time with solution seekers and not with price shoppers.
  • Sincerely try to be of service and deliver the best products possible.
  • Accept negative results from price shoppers and focus on solution seekers willing to spend what they need to spend in order to get what they want.
  • Don’t lose a potentially good client because their first order is a small one. Many of our best customers started that way.
  • Watch as your business grows with a solid base of quality repeat clients.
Fred Weiss
Allied Computer Graphics, Inc.
Lake Worth, Florida