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Science says these 5 things happen to couples who have been together a long time

1. You and your partner develop your own private language.

2. You stop self-censoring.

We’re more candid and open with your partner than you are with others.

3. You start to look alike.

4. You start to sound alike.

They have their private vocabulary, and eventually “start to match each other in the basic rhythms and syntactical structures of their speech,”.

5. You have a bunch of inside jokes that no one else thinks are funny.


While I was watching the Republican debate, I heard Marco Rubio say the GOP was the diversity party. The image below popped in my head, enjoy!gop-diversity


How our faces are formed in the womb

Slow motion of how a dog really drinks. It’ a little trickier than I thought.

Irish Kid Battles Bullying By Creating A Smart Video!


Dominion Power Gets Approval to Dump Treated Coal Ash Wastewater in James River – source


Coal Ash: Toxic Threat to Our Health and Environment

deadliest toxic metals: arsenic, lead, mercury, cadmium, chromium and selenium.3  These and other toxicants in coal ash can cause cancer and neurological damage in humans. They can also harm and kill wildlife, especially fish and other water-dwelling species. read more



Tired of what she considers the government inserting itself into women’s private lives, a Kentucky lawmaker has decided to return the favor.

Rep. Mary Lou Marzian, a Louisville Democrat, has introduced a bill that would force men who want to use erectile dysfunction drugs to jump through a series of humiliating hoops beforehand, such as visiting a doctor twice and getting notes from their wives.

“I want to protect these men from themselves,” Marzian, who is a nurse, told the Courier-Journal.

“This is about family values,” she added. read more

article-vermin-1-0209Vermin Supreme, a boot on the head performance artist with a wizard-like beard, had received more than 240 votes in the New Hampshire primary early Wednesday, compared to Gilmore’s 125 among Republicans. more


Instead of buying a yacht a stranger
decides to pay for a class of kindergartners to go to

Marty Burbank is pledging to fund each student’s tuition for two years at community college and two years at a California state school — or the equivalent if they want to attend elsewhere. All they have to do is draw a picture or write an essay each year about what going to college will mean for them and their families.

“I’m a strong believer in visualizing your goals, and this way they’ll be thinking about this each year for the next 12 years,” he said. read more


Florida Man Arrested for Throwing Gator Through Wendy’s Drive-Thru

florida-manJoshua James, 23, faces charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, petit theft, and unlawful possession of an alligator, according to Palm Beach County Jail records. read more